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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?


It's been a very long day. We left alymid's house around 5 am and got here about 9 hours later. it's now almost three in the morning local time, two my time and I'm off to bed.

The set at the circle went pretty well ... I started standing in the middle of the circle and should have sat down earlier ... but it was ok.

Hey Dad!
Bang My Bald Spot

I got a pretty good response. It was certainly fun and the circle after was a blast. I played Oh Shannon later, and then the circle went to your basic chaos circle and ... since I never have a follower I did one more, I Want To Kill Everybody, and headed out. As I was leaving janmagic told me that I should poke my head in a certain room. I did and there was a much more low key circle going on there. Just what I needed.

I waited till the circle went past the one open seat (since it would be rude to come in and sit and play next) and watched folks. The very wonderful Erica Neely did Saturday Night (I think that is the title) a song that I dearly love. A fellow who I don't know, but I intend to, did a very funny song about a poly household (of sorts), billroper did a happy song (WEIRD) and decadentdave did The Superman Song (I love his version) and his partner in Dandelion Wine (whose name I never remember) did a very cool song that I don't remember the name of. I can't think of the song that the next woman did, but I love her guitar playing. It came around to alymid, who did Northern Lights (yer getting good you know) and I closed my night out with Hides. A fairly short version, but it seemed appropriate.

A good way to end a very exhausting day. Goodnight all ...

And how are you doing ???
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