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Ok ... the spring and summer tour is shaping up ... I think that I have booked about half of it ... yeah ... 2 shows (HOPEfully there will be more to come)

I'll be doing shows at both Demicon and DucKon ... I'm hoping on having the CD ready by Demi ... but I don't expect it to happen ... It will definitely be done by Duck though ...

After that I will hopefully be going to the Folks Festival in Mahtowa Minnesota ... I went last year and it was amazing ... I might not be playing .. .but if you want to hear the best day of original music you are likely to hear ... 30 folks sang in the songwriters contest last year and except for one rather blatant rip of a song there wasn't a bad song in the bunch

and remember ... for all updates ... as soon as I get my computer alive again so I can update the sucker ... (I hate reading my email from work)

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