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The "I saw too many people to mention them all this weekend" Windycon report

The trip was uneventful even if the start was a little odd.
I did all the money switching around I needed to do Thursday. Ya know ... Veteran's Day.
I didn't have any money in my account Friday morning.
Yeah fun, but there are advantages to your bank knowing you well. I got my cash and off we went. Till I realized that I had used my last check. I had to write a check for my son's membership. I had to stop off at the wife's work to get a check from her.
We still got on the road darn close to on time.
So we drove. It was a nice trip and the boy and I babbled a lot. Lots of stories told and various silliness about moose. (don't ask)
We got to the hotel about 3:30 and got checked in, got memberships and got loaded in. Posters went up (both for my show and gaming) and I checked out the game room.
We were split into to three rooms this year and it's pretty nice. But there were still lots of problems.
There are simply too many conventions going on around this time of year. Between that and my busyness there was just no gaming track. All the folks I usually count on had or were going to be too darn busy to get to Windycon. I'm hoping that the guy who is taking it over from me next year and come up with a solution. We'll see. I feel kind of like I have become the guy who I replaced, someone who claims to be the game person, but who just makes sure that the rooms are open and then goes away the rest of the con. And that is not right. Good luck Alex, I think you are up to the job.

I looked at the schedule and realized that there was a lot of stuff going on at the same time as my concert. So, me being me I was convinced that there would be no audience.
I was so wrong,
Things were all setup in a circle, so I just sat down and invited everyone else to come and sit and I played songs for an hour or so. It was lovely and relaxed. People got involved. It couldn't have gone better. Thanks to everyone who listened, once again I am reminded of why I play exclusively at cons.
The show was ...
How Can I Miss You? *
Standards *
Almost Beautiful
Hand Above The Water
Trophy Wife
The Woman I Want *
Pine City Motel Blues *
Hey Dad!!! *
Color Of Your Eyes
Bang My Bald Spot
Low Self Esteem

All of the songs with an * are newer and will be on the CD that I plan to have out next year. "How Can I Miss You" was a premiere. I played it in a different rhythm than I have been practicing it, but it still seemed to work.
One word on singing a whole show sitting down.
DON?T LET ME DO IT AGAIN. My voice was shot. Still, even with that it was a wonderful and comfy show.
Then the open Filk began. I played a couple of songs.


Marie Provost

And The Concert began at 11.

Wild Mercy were brilliant. Smart folk-rock with a frequently sharp edged sense of humor. I enjoyed their songs, their playing, their singing and I do have to rant for a moment about the cool instruments. A gorgeous harp, a nifty Fender double neck bass/Stratocaster and an old Guild 12-string that I covet. I need to pick up their CD.

The circle re-opened after and I played two more songs.

Roman Wall Blues
Oh Shannon

I was sitting next to lukeski and it was fun to be at his vantage point and to be able to watch some folks seeing him for what was obviously the first time.

I went to be fairly early. I was amazed to find everyone else in my room already asleep (that being my son and polyfrog


I slept badly and woke up early. The boy and I went off to breakfast and met up with a couple of friends and had a nice breakfast. The food was FAR better this time around than it was at 2BC. The hotel in general though was wretched. It was blazingly hot most places and just generally as uncomfortable as you could get.

I slept badly all weekend.

An old friend, Matt Stover, was at the con. We were on a panel together (30 Years Of D&D) and ended up having lunch and chatting for an hour after. It had been a very very long time since we had a chance to just sit down and chatter. He is doing well (despite some physical problems) and his next novel is the book for the next Star Wars movie. I can't wait. He says that the third movie (script-wise anyway) is great and will make the other two better. I thanked him for killing me off in his novel Heroes Die (the character Creel is very much like a character of mine in a game of his). He says that it wasn't intentional but agreed that the character could have been based on mine easily. One of the highlights of the weekend was him telling me about chatting with a fan of his, she was getting stuff signed and all, and she ranted about this songwriter she had seen the night before. Thanks whoever you were. I appreciate it.

I headed off for a lengthy stay in the game room (it is my job after all) and spent all afternoon playing Talisman (2nd Edition) and had a blast. I so rarely get a chance to play games at a con, even when I am running games. It was nice to sit down and just hang out for an afternoon. There were chants of TOAD TOAD TOAD and the voices really came out as I started being everyone's character as the game went along. Improv mode is so much fun, I wish I stepped in there more often.

After the game the boy and I headed up to the Filk Pizza Party. First ...



And, had a marvelous time chatting with various folks and got all instrument geeky with Barry Childs-Helton (damn guitarists, we're freaks) and found that we listen to a fair amount of the same music.

There were of course people there who's names I never remember, but janmagic (it's her party) and beige_alert were definitely in attendance as well as some folks who may or may not have LJ's. A bunch of us got into a very interesting and fun discussion of why we play music and that was a theme for the weekend. I know that I have no other choice. I couldn't give it up again under pretty much any circumstance.

I wandered up to the room after and wrote some of this and chilled out for awhile.

I've been pushing myself too hard this year and am just wiped out. I am so glad that I have some time off from road trips (even if I do plan to attend Riverfolk's December 4th show. That's an easy trip, 3 or so hours and several possible comfy places to stay.

I missed a concert that I wanted to see. Renee Alper and ??? ummm ... me and names again. I hope I got the first one right. I had seen them at OVFF and they write very clever songs and I wanted to see more. But suddenly it was around 10pm and I headed down for the circle.

It was a very low-key, easy going circle. No one was jumping in and there were actually fairly long silences while everyone waited for someone to do something. After the slugfest that happened occasionally at OVFF two weeks ago it was wonderful. No competition, just fun music.

I played

I Want To Kill Everybody (Haynes) - in response to a song that Barry Childs-Helton played
WYSIWYG - when things were getting just too damn serious
Hides - which I pretty much always play to close out my weekend of music.


I wandered into the dealers room for awhile and got some very good and amazing news. Earlier in the weekend I had mentioned to shsilver about doing too many road trips and being broke and how I had one more that I needed to do to make my goal of playing music at 12 cons in a year.

Gretchen Roper asked me to help staff the Dodeka table at Confusion.

I'm there ... I have to email the filk person again.

I went to the filk earworm panel a little late and it ended up being more what is filk about and what is the music circle about ... like I said ... one of the themes for the weekend.

My final panel was at 1pm. WFLK, a panel about filk radio. It was nice that in this time when the future of Radio Capricon is in serious doubt that I am now finding folks who want to help out. RC may survive.

I rounded up the boy and stepped into the gripe session for a moment. They were just talking about space and games and such so I answered a few questions and then said


got good laughs (and a couple of confused looks)

and we headed out. The drive was ok, fairly fast but I am still so tired today (and I slept till after noon)

I met a lot of folks this weekend, saw a lot of old friends. If I didn't mention you my apologies. It was a pretty frazzled weekend.
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