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So ...

I got the Takamine back. The nut was wearing down due to my compulsive retuning. I had a teflon nut put in and the guy raised the bridge a little. The action is a little different but I think I like it. It'll take awhile to get used where to put the capo but the action is actually the way I wanted it. I'm going to beat on it a little this week and see how it goes for the road trip next weekend.

I did

I Want To Kill Everybody
How Can I Miss You?
Woman I Want
Bang My Bald Spot

I started my set and this guy started making drunken comments about having met his soulmate (the young and slightly bemused woman next to him). I told him that I was completely and totally ... ambivalent. This got a big laugh from the audience and a blank stare from him.

I went on with the rest of the set, and did the usual "any questions so far" and the guy yelled "ambivalent" and my reaction was that I just didn't really have any feelings about it one way or the other.

So the evening went well. How was your sunday night ???
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