Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

But wait ... now how much will you pay ???

I went out to play again this sunday and got there in a fairly unfocused and bemused state of mind ... I decided ... after asking the audience whether they wanted something serious or funny ... that I would start with Hand Above The Water ... I told a bit of the story behind it and ... I started playing Almost Beautiful ... stopped abruptly ... apologized ... and started the correct song ... and blanked on the words cause I was brain dead ... got my lyric book ... set it down next to me and never looked at it again. One of those nights.

I asked the audience what they wanted next and one of the sunday boys wanted something "ironic" ... His way of asking me to play Golden Age Of Silicon.

The next request was for something they could sing along with so I did Oh Shannon ... it was hysterical ... on the last chorus the entire group of them (probably 10 or so) yelled "YOU LOOK LIKE A LLAMA" over me ... cracked me up ... when I record this song I want to have a chorus singing along on the chorus in a fairly sea shanty sort of way ... maybe I'll ask them to come over when I do that one ...

I finished with Bang My Bald Spot ... oddly enough a pretty lame version ... it's usually the one I can count on ... but it was ok and got some laughs ...

After my set some drunk (and it's odd to have a drunk in Boheme) started demanding John Prine and Bob Dylan ... I told him that they weren't there tonight ... he started singing Hello In There and didn't stop till the next act went up ... I left about then so I hope that the guy shut up ...
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