Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Recording and B & B Que

So ... recording progresses ...

I've spent the last few sessions working on some covers ... and getting to know the equipment ... I'm still getting some buzz that I can't get rid of ... but once it's mixed down and compressed and whatever else I am going to do to it hopefully it won't be too audible ... I just laid down a killer version of Oh Shannon ... gonna go back and do one more take since I buzzed the guitar a few times ... but it's working out well ... I actually have hope for getting this done and ready to go by the time I go to Chicago in June ...

Thursday night I went to the Jam Session/Open Mike at B & B Que in Urbandale. Kinda ok ... loud audience ... but those who listened got one of my better short sets ... In particular one very lovely young lady in the back was laughing at everything ... just another of those constant reminders of just how damn old I am ... still ... she asked about the CD did several others ... if I had the damn thing done I probably coulda sold a half dozen or more ...

The set
Low Self Esteem (of course ... I don't open many shows any other way anymore)
I skipped the 3rd verse ... why ... I dunno ...
Color Of Your Eyes
I was a little out of tune ... mostly my B string ... so ... I did another one of those things that I didnt know I could do ... I laid off that string for most of the song ... where am I getting these magical abilities ???
Golden Age Of Silicon
A little too wordy for this night I think ... went ok though
A very good and VERY rhythmic version ...

and I was done ... pity ... I think that the audience wanted more ...

I'm planning on making it a frequent stop (even the owner asked me to come back) ... next week I'll hit them with a totally different set ...
Tags: glass, open mike

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