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I'm tired. I just got back from the open mike, this after playing LOTS of music at Marscon this weekend.

I'm tired.

This was a wonderful weekend. I got to my friend C's house around 3, hung out for a bit and headed off to last years hotel. Fortunately this years hotel was about a mile away and cryndalae hopped online and directed me.

lukeski, wormquartet and I ran through filkertom's Talk Like A Pirate Day a couple of times and felt ready to do it in a couple hours.

When we actually got onstage to do it we were joined by tony_goldmark and devospice.

I had made cheat sheets so I could see the chords. Luke and ShoEboX stood in front of me. ShoEboX realized this and tried to get out of the way, but I spent most of the song looking at the chords through Luke's legs.

There are good reasons why you should play guitar appleboy

I headed back to C's shortly after opening ceremonies so I could get some sleep before a very busy saturday.

Of course we sat up and talked till 2 in the morning. I even played her some songs (How Can I Miss You and Standards I think. I did start Hides, but decided I was too burned out)

We went to a nifty greasy spoon diner for a wonderful breakfast (killer omlet) and I headed back to the hotel.

the afternoon is a blur. My show went wonderfully. I have never played for an audience SO ready to laugh. Thanks for making my job so easy.

Low Self Esteem
Hey Dad
Trophy Wife
How Can I Miss You?
Bang My Bald Spot

I was going to play WYSIWYG but I ran out of time. Everything went great.

I sat and watched the rest of the afternoon. I had never seen r_and_s_jeff (half of Raymond And Scum and MAN were they funny.

Some more quick comments.

wormquartet's opening bit was hysterical, the new song was darn wunnerful. He did show through the weekend that he is the true Dementia Slut though. He is on everyone's stuff this year.

I missed some of devospice's set, but the new stuff was hysterical. I can't wait for the new CD.

tony_goldmark just gets better. And I will state now and for the record ...

His video was the high point of the weekend. He proved beyond any doubt what I said about him on my links page. Brilliant.

I felt bad for lukeski. He ended up with a short set. He was great though. And the MVP award must go to pixelene. Thanks, you made the weekend easier for all of us.

It was good to see pretty much half my friends list this weekend.

Ok, I headed back to C's house for a bit of sleep since chirosinger, chasophonic and bonz_lizard all volunteered to come and play for me late that night. (yes I said for me, I was so burned out by that time that I would have been so happy just watching the folks in the circle play)

So much of the reason I go sing in circles is that I get to see brilliant people play. This weekend I got to hang out with the above as well as freeimprov, a young woman I met at Convergence (what is her name again freeimprov? and a drunk guy who was quite a good songwriter, but better at being drunk. That he did very very very very well. (You gotta love those Bob Wills moments)

We played till 3:30 in the morning. In no special order I played

Things You Never Know
Color Of Your Eyes
Hand Above The Water
The One I Chased Away
The Woman I Want
Perfect Moments

I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You (Waits)
How Will I Ever Be Simple Again (Thompson)

A small circle is nice, but my fingertips hate me now.

I got some sleep and got back to the hotel for the Smackdown.

It was twisted ... deeply twisted. I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did. I got chased by wormquartet during Eat All The Old People. Did They're Coming To Take Me Away with the kind help of twoofdtm. The hope that I had was that most folks were busy looking at her (if they were sane they were) and not as much listening to me. I didn't do it all that well.

Talk Like A Pirate was great, great. The good Doctor from The Nick Atoms took control and we marched the kids through the song.

Oh, I didnt talk about The Nick Atoms show.

I laughed, I laughed a lot. I have got to hang out with these guys a lot more.

I got in the car around 4:30 and headed home.

I did go to the open mike tonight. It was fun and I decided to do things I hadnt done this weekend.

Don't Go Home
Crank Generation
Golden Age Of Silicon

I was a little sloppy, since by this time I was pretty burned out. WYSIWYG was especially silly. I got everyone to sing along with the Paris Hilton line (well a few people anyway)

It was a blast of a weekend, I sold some CDs (including one at the open mike ... thanks)

Now I am collapsing.


Everything in this report is subject to my fogginess. If I forgot something, verbally bitchslap me.
How was your weekend?
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