Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Another wild and wooly night ...

Every semester a bunch of foreign students throw a party at Boheme ... it's cool ... the band performed what I heard in english this time around ... but hearing pop songs and rap in (what I think is) Korean is really cool ...

The problem is ... I gotta follow this ...

I got up on stage ... plugged in ... and the signal kept going away ... and coming back ... and going away ... I looked at the preamp on the guitar ... and had that wonderful little Battery Low light ... first time .. of course I didn't have a spare with me ... so I had to stay in front of a mike the whole time ... still ... a good set

Product Might Be Hot
I got a picture taken during this ... I saw that he was about to do it and timed a goofy grin as soon as it flashed ... he says he'll email it to me ...
The One I Chased Away
One that is going to be on the CD that I rarely play ... a sweet song ... but wrong for the night ... still I have promised myself that I will do one serious song for every 3 funny at the very least
Wilderness of Smiles
I've been playing this a lot lately ... I need to rewrite the lyrics as they don't mean much to me anymore ... but I love the music ... probably the first good music I ever wrote ...
Crank Generation
So I got waylaid as soon as I entered the place ... "ARE YOU GONNA DO THAT SONG ABOUT CRANK TONIGHT ???"
I had intended to anyway ... I restructured the verses and re-wrote the chords in the chorus recently ... makes it work MUCH better now ...
As usual it was a crowd pleaser and I left to a big round of cheers ... I needed that ... even an ego as big as mine needs feeding occasionally ...
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