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A Brand New Award

Every week I intend to start posting my contestants for a brand new award. This if course is the much coveted


The Foreman Award is named in honor of Red Foreman from That 70's Show and is meant to show the proper respect for his favorite word (that word was the original name for the award, but it offends some folks that I work with so I went for the more subtle approach ... yeah I know ... weird)

So every week I will post the contestants as they appear. Sometimes this will be folks that work for the same company, sometimes it will be just folks I see when I am out and around. At the end of the week, if I have enough possible contestants, I will post a poll and let you vote. Here are the two from last week.

The Woman In The Median
I was heading home after work, driving north on I-35. I was around a 100 yards short of an exit and someone in front of me decided to pull over and turn around in the median. 100 yards short of an exit. Traffic on I-35 is not that extreme, but it is quite busy at that time of the day. It is also a road where folks travel quite quickly. I would imagine that she spent a good 10 minutes sitting there waiting for the opportunity to get back on the road. This is of course assuming that she didn't just pull out in front of someone going 75 mph. She could have been heading back south in less than a minute if she had used the exit that was only a 100 yards away (and perfectly visible, this is out in the country after all)

In Search Of The Invisible Cashier
I was in Kum & Go (I always felt that I should be leaving the money on a dresser when I shop there) and we were all lined up in front of the only cashier in the building. There are 3 possible places where you can check out, but at this moment (it being their busiest of the day) they had elected to only have one open. There are 4 of us waiting. A fellow walks up to one of the open cashier stations and puts the stuff he want to buy and proceeds to wait, looking confused. And then more confused. And then MORE confused. In the meantime several of my fellow customers, the cashier and myself are looking more amused. I make a quiet comment about the invisible cashier, which makes the real cashier crack up. He finally got the idea as I was walking out. I wonder what he had to say to the cashier.
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