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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The Foreman Award For Excellence In Humanity

Contestants - Week of March 21

Hard Work Is Good For You
So, my company has an office that is moving. They are moving (and this amuses me) April 1st. They ordered new stationary for the new office (and how they went about that is a Foreman Award in the making in itself). So I called and asked when they wanted it delivered. I can ship it so it gets to the new office on the opening day, which is the 4th. They requested that all the stationary be shipped to the old office by the 1st so they can move it over the weekend.

Even At Such A Young Age I Knew Not To Mix My Technologies
An office sent in a request for stationary. The office Administrator put her personal email address on the order form rather than the general office email box (which is what should be there). I sent my usual form email out questioning this and requesting the correct email address (I knew what it was, but I have to make sure THEY know, frequently they don't. I get so many emails back saying "but IS our email address). Here was the conversation a few minutes after I sent the email.

Her - Hi, I'm calling about that email you sent me.
Me - Yes, you put your personal email on this order form for stationary.
Her - That was not my intention.
Me - But you did do it, so I had to question it.
Her - Well thank you for doing that.
Me - You're welcome.
Her - So what should we do about this.
Me - I just need the correct information.
Her - It wasn't my intention to fill it out this way.
Me - Ok, I do need the proper information though.
Her - I'll just email that to you then.

So ... she called me to tell me that she was going to email me. In this email she sent more information. On the order form not only had she put the wrong email address, she had also not put in the suite number, AND had given me a wrong phone number.
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