Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Ok ... now that I am awake

I headed off to record just before noon. I got the remainder of the stuff set up and waited for Isaac to show up. In the meantime I ran into my friend Snow (who has posted occasionally here, he needs to get an LJ account) and J, who cleans on the weekend. Geeze, this place is CLOSED on the weekend and everyone is there.

I got thing setup and Isaac and I fiddled for awhile trying to work out why the mikes wouldn't work.

I hadn't turned on the phantom power. Yeah I'm a professional.

We headed off to the local big barn home improvement place while J finished off so I could get a small screwdriver set for my gear bag (so I can change batteries easily on the DI) and nuts and bolts and washers to put the rack gear into the rack I am getting tomorrow. FUNFUNFUN

We fiddled with mike placement. Well, Isaac fiddled with mike placement, I just made things difficult because I kept moving.

He called the song we were going to work on. He had liked Need but agreed with me that the way I was playing it was just too frantic. I had a change in my head but I hadn't worked it out yet. I played a bit and we both came up at the same time that it really needed to be fingerpicked. I'm REALLY pleased with the new version. It is very sparse, has a great deal of space in it and with the settings Isaac came up with for the midiverb it has a REALLY cool sound.

Snow came back and we chattered with him a bit. He got to hear the track and agreed that it sounded cool.

We recorded In Crosby Park. I am still uncertain on the new middle section, but I am going to work with it today.

Then I headed off to meet with some old friends

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