Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Meet the new punks ... not quite the same as the old punks

There is a reunion of a bunch of old friends coming up the end of May. It's the same weekend as Conquest(which still bums me out, I had a blast at Conquest last year, I WILL be back next year)

For the reunion at least one band is getting back together.

In the early 80s ATOY were one of the best bands around. Sort of a cross between Bauhaus and Joy Division with a strong Iggy streak.

I was always a combination of their strongest critic and their biggest fan so I got to attend a little of the rehearsal they were having yesterday.

They sounded great. There are problems, but this was their 2nd rehearsal. They will be getting together a few more times in the next month and a half and I can't imagine that they will sound anything other than great.

After, a bunch of us sat out back and jabbered at each other. This went on for some hours as we headed to my friend Brad's apartment, then to another friends apartment to force him into going out with us (it didn't take much forcing) and then to a pizza place for food and more jabbering.

It was so cool to hang out with old friends. Mark, the bass player, and I are finding that our lives have been very similar and that we travel in much of the same sort of odd circle of friends. If the Milwaukee house concert happens this year I hope to introduce him to a lot of my other friends. He might even come down to the CD release party (whenever that is going to be) in Waukegan.

I had to leave early to deal with the small mutants, but it was a wonderful evening.

I'm designing a cover for the release of a CD of ATOY's final show. I'm even ripping the tape to CD for them. It's gonna be cool to hear all this stuff again after so long. I don't have a copy of a lot of the later songs. They did a demo release of 12 songs but they wrote a lot more before they finally split up in 84.
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