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Eric's House Of Ego
April 17th, 2005
10:37 pm


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the intial comment
I had a wonderful weekend. Ran around a fair amount. Hung out with polyfrog a whole lot.

Saw bammba_m, alymid, greenmansgrove, bectod, and then a bunch more at the Capricon meeting.

Went out to phuphuphnik and theaspins's house so I could hear him play bass. It took about 5 minutes of listening to him play and then talking to him about ideas on a couple pieces of music to know he's going to fit in just fine with the music.

There was much hanging out after with theaspins and her little one (who liked me this time).

All in all a wonderful weekend and just what I needed.

I'll talk more about this tomorrow. I'll also have the special driving edition of the Foreman Awards.

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