Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The Foreman Award For Excellence In Humanity - Driving Driving Driving

As you may know (if you have read my last couple of entries) I went to the Chicago area this weekend. My travelling has inspired a bunch of road-rage influenced entries this week.

If You Are Going To Get That Close Behind Me You Have To Kiss Me
This could go out to several folks. But my favorite was the person who, when I was on my way home, decided to tailgate me on I-80 just west of Davenport. I was doing 72 in the right hand lane, and he came right up on me for about 3 minutes. There was no other traffic anywhere near us.

Bouncy Bouncy
The guy who tailgated me as I was heading into the I-Pass lane out west (I don't remember which it is at the moment, but you who have gone through it will remember). The speed limit had dropped to 45 at that time, so that meant I was still going 55 or 60. He came up behind me, then darted around me to get through the lane first. He hit it at about 45 or 50. His head almost went through the roof of his car.

Small Fast Car = Small Fast ???
Once again an I-Pass incident. This was one of the faster lanes. I went through it about 55 like everyone else. This guy came up behind me then jerked over into the right hand lane to pass me. WHILE I was moving over into the right hand lane so he could pass me.

Pass Me, PASS YOU !!!
You all know this guy. You're doing a little over the speed limit and come up in back of him. He's going the speed limit. You pass. He then speeds up and passes you. AND SLOWS DOWN AGAIN !!!

I Have The Ability To Cloud Drivers Minds So They Cannot See Me (in their blindspot)
Yeah, my favorite. They sit there long enough so you forget they are there. Then you come up behind the 147 year old man who is doing 35 in a 65 MPH zone and start to pass. I just dearly love that rush of adrenaline you get as you see them just before you almost run into them.
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