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Man ... what a weekend ... WHAT a weekend ... I did two shows ... I have no idea exactly what order I played songs ... since the two shows were quite different ... so ... I made up a set list of songs to choose from ... here is the list ... and comments

J's Wild Appalachian Stomp
opened the first weekend with this ... got the audience's attention (not that I needed to ... Con crowds go into a music room to LISTEN to music)
Both nights ... opened the 2nd night with it ... great response both times ...
Bang My Bald Spot
I think I did it the first night only ... there is a comfort level with this song now that seems to put it in the middle of the set now ...
The Things You Never Know
Both nights again ... this is in the A list now ...
Product Might Be Hot
Just the first night ...
Hand Above The Water
the 2nd night ... a really nice version
The One I Chased Away
just the first night .. I think ...
In Crosby Park
both nights ...
Almost Beautiful
2nd night ... maybe the first ... whenever I did it ... it went well
Trophy Wife
both nights ... AND the music jam saturday night ... from not doing it for some time ... this has become an A list song again
Roman Wall Blues & Hides
I melded these two both shows ... I broke a string during Hides the 2nd night ... bummer ... the Takimine goes wildly out of tune when you break a string ... so the song kinda ended ... I did it again during the Jam though ... I think I talked about that already
Golden Age Of Silicon
the music coordinator asked me to play it ... so .. being an idgit I played it when he wasn't in the room ... what a gerbil I am ...
Oh Shannon
both nights ... got a great response ... although the llama joke got a few odd looks ... it's a little brutal I suppose ...
Color Of Your Eyes
just the first night ... I still need to rework the chorus ...
Low Self Esteem ...
Both nights ... closing song ...
Crank Generation
I pulled it out the 2nd night ... a better response than I expected ... it's a brutal song ... a guy knew the story about the guy stealing the ingredients ... so he was READY to laugh ...

The jam was fun ... I played some lead on other folks songs ... when I was doing it well I played a little louder ... when I wasn't ... well ...

I couldnt make up my mind what to play ... so Lojo just opened my book ... and we all did a KILLER version of Richard Thompson's How Will I Ever Be Simple Again

a great weekend ...
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