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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Such a weekend so far

I slept most of the morning and finally hit the road around 1pm Friday. I wasn’t feeling well and I’m still not feeling all that good this evening. I originally thought that it was a bar hangover from the standup open mike but as it lasts I think that I am simply just a little sick combined with your basic old fashioned exhaustion.

So, perhaps a little more detail about the day.

The drive was unexceptional and I got to C’s right around 5. We talked for a bit and I crashed for an hour or so, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it through a wonderful evening.

C’s friend M (I love LJ etiquette) throws a poetry party every so often. Folks bring things to read, whether it is their own work or simply something they like. One woman brought a quilt and a piece that her father had thought of when he saw it (I can’t think of the piece at the moment, and I knew it even). One woman did a clog dance (and wonderfully well).

Oh, an aside, as I stated last post I am sitting here at the Riverview. chirosinger has done another bad thing to me. She got me started on Chai. Now I have not had another as good as they make here so I am not totally addicted. I was just thinking that the Riverview is not THAT far from my friend C’s house, so I could come by as I head out of town and get one tomorrow. Yeah, I’ve said it before, she’s evil.

Speaking of which, last night C and I were trying to think of what animal she should be. C came up with the perfect idea. A river otter. Always active, bouncing around everywhere, having more fun than pretty much any other member of the animal kingdom (except maybe dolphins), smart and majorly mischievous.

But I digress.

The evening was wonderful fun. The poetry was stunning, the food was amazing (oh my yum to the lasagna) and the company exceptional. I need to live up here, I really do.

We went back to C’s house around one and I crashed hard. Slept till 10 or so and probably should have rested more. But I wanted to go hook up with the ATOY guys and show them the CD.

I think I have talked about this, but just a quick update. Next weekend (Memorial Day) there is a reunion of a bunch of musicians and fans from the late 70s and early 80s. There are at least two bands reforming for a one off show, one of which is ATOY. I have burned to CD and designed a cover for their last show from 83.

An aside … Green Eyes. Oh my what a gorgeous song.

Ok, I digress … again. Surprise.

The boys liked the cover (and loved my one in joke) and were as amazed as I was at how the sound ended up. So it’s a go. I have to make a bunch of copies over the next week of that and three others.

I am also working on a demo tape they did some time ago. The guitar player gave me a better version than I had, but it’s missing a song. So I have to take the version I have and re-EQ it so it sounds more like the others. There are live songs as well, but they already sounded better so I think it will be no problems matching those.

There was a band called The Law back in the 70s and I have burned their entire studio output to CD. The sound is a little dodgy but I am going to see if I can fix that a little this week.

Also two live shows on one CD from Universal Will To Become, my friend Tim Johnson’s band and the only recording of my band Jim?. The Jim? Show will be available on my web page sometime shortly along with recordings of my band Soldiers In A Field. SIAF recorded all our practices so I have pretty good versions of pretty much everything we ever wrote. I just need to get the time to put it to CD and then find good graphics for the cover. I need to pull out some old posters and find some of the designs that Mike did for the band. It will get there soon.

Yeah, expect a lot of Eric product between now and fall. If all goes well I should have a recording of a live show from 81 or so with my punk band, a good compilation of my synth band, a new CD of originals, and an EP of cover songs that I’ve been doing the last couple of years.

But, ATOY are getting good at an alarming pace. They have one more week and a couple practices to get there, but I think that the show will be wonderful. It was also good to hang out with some old friends and chatter. Greg (the guitar player) had a disc of an Elvis imitator doing Nirvana, T Rex, and lots of other really twisted songs for Elvis to be doing. I countered with my Stairways To Heaven disc. The Rock Lobsters almost killed them all in one quick stroke.

I took off and got back to C’s house around 4:30, checked my email and then crashed hard again for a couple hours.

So that takes us up to here. Riverfolk are taking a break now. The show has been wonderful. In the audience are tanac (to everyone’s amazement) mplsfish (you'll work out the band thing), freeimprov and of course all the Riverfolk folk. It’s a lovely evening. More later.

They’re back with Angel From Montgomery. I love their version.

It’s been a wonderful evening of music. Even the bad news from one person (and totally unintentional) didn’t manage to ruin my evening (it did come real close). I’ll go over and listen to the music at the place where my friend C is dancing after the show.

More tomorrow.
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