Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

So ... what's the deal ???

Here is a quick update on what is going on the next few days.

I am appearing in The Comic Showdown 2005 at Billy Joe's Pitcher Show in Des Moines June 9th.
This is the first round and I hope to get into the finals which are later in the month. More info tomorrow night.
I'm doing the song Trophy Wife.

This sunday at noon I am doing a show at Duckon. Unfortunately I will not be getting to the con till late saturday night, but I do expect to be at the open filk for at least a couple hours sometime after midnight.

Anyone who might feel the need to help me stay awake on the drive (from St Cloud MN to Naperville) email me for my cel phone number. After the next few days (and I have only covered the music part, there is a lot of family stuff in there too) I will need all the help I can get.

This weekend will also be the premiere of the brand new full color Some See The Glass Half Empty CD. The same music with a shiny new photo ... well ... modesty forbids ... suffice it to say that it's well .. not really lovely, but way furry ...

OK, it's a photo of me performing at Marscon last year. Thanks pooh27bear.

In recent months I have acquired a printer that prints right onto CDs as well as a 7 disc duplicator. No more sending these things out to be burned in small quantities (I was buying a 100 at a time). I can now do them just as cheaply, if not more so, and with the same quality AND with a full color disc.

And I have. they look, well, as good as a disc can with a picture me with my mouth open and playing a very suggestive G chord.

OH, and for the show sunday. I am doing mostly songs from the new disc (which is not anywhere near done yet, call me a tease). Some of the songs I have been doing in my live show for awhile, but there will be several that have been virtually unheard, including my first really blatantly fannish song (which will get it's con premiere and it's second performance ever). Saturday night I will premiere a song that I wrote specifically about ya'll.

Seeya soon
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