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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Convergence part the first

The start of the weekend.

I headed off around 1 after getting some stuff I needed for my travel bag and drove straight through. No stops. The drive to MN is so much easier than the drive to the Chicago area. Well … shorter anyway. It was gerbil city out on the road today. The Iowa speed limit had just gone to 70 mph today so folks were either unaware of it or taking it as a dare. I kept getting stuck between them. Funfunfun.

I found the place that I am staying with little difficulty. It’s amusing that I am staying at a Motel 6 considering … well … not all of you have heard the song yet.

I slept for a few hours and headed off to the convention hotel. I like the space and hope some year to be able to afford to stay here. It is the most expensive rooms of any hotel I have been in the last couple of years. You would think that considering how many people this con brings in they could get a better room rate. Maybe next year I can find some folks to room with.

Anyway … I digress (really ???)

I got my badge (a story unto itself, it would not be politic to go into it though) and wandered around a bit when the fire alarms went off. At the time I was in the opening ceremonies and we all got chased out. I started heading for the door, but went by the Harmonic Convergence room and saw that Riverfolk were indeed on at 8:30. I wandered in 15 minutes into their set and saw the rest. Wonderful as always and it was chirosinger who tried to set a capo wrong (see, it’s not always chasophonic !!!)

I saw various folk I know, a couple who have LJs that I have to look up names on before I post this (let’s see if I remember, I still haven’t worked out if this hotel has WiFi anywhere). (yes indeed it does, but I am too lazy to go find names right now)

I suppose that a problem that I have with the MN cons is that I still don’t know a lot of folks around here. I’m getting to, but considering that (and yeah, go ahead and scoff) I do tend to be a little shy, it’s taking me time.

I ran into a fair amount of folks I know though, and finally decided to head to the bit atrium here and type for a bit.

One nifty thing, I was next door at the DQ getting a burger (the face that they take plastic will help my cash problems a lot, it’s gonna be a rough weekend) and a couple of folk who had seen me at Marscon came up and chatted for a few minutes. I needed that.

I’m listening to the various music that is going on all around me, between the stuff in the Space Lounge and the music at the parties and the music that is coming from the dance, it’s an odd mix. I kinda like it. Hearing some of this makes me want to get out my synths again and make some music with them. Yeah, when I have time. I miss that in a way though. There is a chance that my old synth band might do something again. Between us we have the ability to finally get the sound we always wanted, as compared to the sound that we settled for 2 decades ago. Or I might just go ahead and do something on my own. We’ll see.

Well, more later. The music circle starts in an hour or so, the part of the weekend I am most looking forward to. Now I need caffeine.
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