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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Convergence Part The Second


Andy, play the blues for a sheep

The music circle started just a little after I posted. I was still brain dead and tanked completely on The Woman I Want. I mean completely. I got out my book and staggered through it. What I played last night was …

The Woman I Want (the what-are-the-words-of-a-song-I-should-know version)
How Can I Miss You (folks sang along, I hope you all feel dirty now)
Gun Sale At The Church – Buddy Blue/Beat Farmers (in response to the song before)
Bang My Bald Spot
Things You Never Know (which I had not done in ages, went well too)
Perfect Moments (no one had heard this song, a nice ending)

I do, as is frequently the case, have to commend the ever so wonderful Andy Anda (who will be playing with me Sunday) for his sterling work. I tried to give him plenty of room to play and man did he take advantage of it. It was a blast.

Chirosinger was fading through the night, but was still wonderful. Chasophonic was so smooth. Wylderwolf (or do I still have you two confused?) and his partner in crime have come so far in a year and were deeply wonderful. The SCA fellow whose name I didn’t get was brilliant. I hope he is there tonight too. The young woman who sang acapella was great. Freeimprov is getting better and better and more and more twisted.

This was a night when I was NOT the most twisted person in the circle. I had to fight to keep up actually.

Oh, some words on the drummers. Man I had fun with you guys last night.

So I am about to head back to the hotel for the afternoon.

I just got voicemail from the guy who ran the standup comedy contest thanking me for being in it. Lewis is a cool guy and he is doing something really major for the central IA area. I highly recommend coming out when the open mike starts up again in September.

Ok, heading back … how are you folks ???
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