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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The Foreman Awards For Excellence In Humanity - A Double Dose

Ok, we all know who won last week (like there was really a choice), but I hope that this weeks gives you more of a challenge. Because in honor of having a week off next week, I am offering not one but two (yeah, count 'em, two) Foreman Awards this week. One is about national "news" and the other set is a bit more personal.

Foreman The First

The Cooter and The News.

The fellow who played the original Cooter in the original TV classic The Dukes Of Hazzard is on a campaign against the new movie. Because it betrays the family values of the original. Yup, the family values of the original. The new show is, in his own words, a Hootchie Cootchie show. My thought is, while I didn't watch the show much, when I did, considering Daisy Dukes shorts, he was not the cooter I was hoping to see. The question is ... who deserves the Foreman on this important topic? Cooter, for shilling for the movie (whether he is aware of it or not), or the news media who are reporting this like it is actually news?

Foreman The Second

Shifting and cel-ing vs Take A Bike Ride Sir

Shifting and cel-ing
I was driving to work, just about to turn onto the street that I work on and in front of me was someone who was apparantly having a problem getting his car to move. It was doing that "unused to a stick shift shuffle" bounce. It wasn't until after I had pulled around him once we had turned that I saw what the problem was. He was driving a stick, and talking on his cel phone. So he was trying to shift, steer and hold his phone all at the same time. Really nothing more needs to be said.

Take A Bike Ride Sir
A co-worker was on her way to pick up her kids from the babysitter last night. She looked over and there was a guy driving a motorcycle, talking on his cel phone AND smoking a cigarette. In a construction area. Now that is multi tasking.
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