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Looking for input

So, every year I run a one watt radio station at Capricon in Chicago. I try to run a lot of fannish stuff and a lot of general sorts of music that fannish folk might like. I'm looking for some ideas. This is year 5 or 6 (time is never my strong point) of my doing this and I want to expand my programming.

Ok, Part One
I need a bigger filk presence on the station. My collection is limited so I am asking if there are folks out there who would put together hour shows of filk music for me. I'm looking for 4-6 hours over the course of the weekend of filk programming. What this would entail is putting together a mix disc and information on what the songs are and where they are from. This can be a sheet of paper or a text file (I prefer the latter so it is easier to insert into my book of information).

I will of course credit you with the show in the program I put together and I will send money for any blanks and postage and whatever.

Figure that about 55 minutes of music will fill an hour after the various jabber that goes along with the show.

Part Two
I am also looking for just general ideas of things to play on the station. I run Old Time Radio shows, we have a late night ambient and trance show. The friday night music show is all SF/Fantasy songs from artists you might not (and sometime might) expect to do an SF/Fantasy song (and any ideas to add to that would be helpful as well). The saturday night show is called Bull Goose Looney and is music from the odder corners of my record collection.

Part Three
If you are planning on attending Capricon and would like to play live on the radio, contact me. I will have gear to record the show with me this year, so you could end up with a good CD out of it. If you are attending Capricon and would like to work on Radio Capricon contact me as well. I can use all the help I can get.

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You can also email me at radiocapricon at eric dash coleman dot com

I am looking to have all my programming done by the end of October or thereabouts.
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