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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Archon - The Final Chapter

So here is what seems to be my entire schedule for the con. I am a little disappointed that I am not on some plain old panels, since I love doing that, but only a little, since that means I can enjoy more of the con.

Eric Coleman:

Thu, 10:00pm GC - Mississippian FAN/FILK/GOH-"Pink Tennies and All" (Filk GoH)
Thu, 11:00pm GC - Mississippian FILK/GOH-Filk Mayhem Concert
Fri, 5:00pm GC - LaSalle FAN/FILK/GOH-Fannish Drinking Songs & Other Silly Stuff
Sat, 5:00pm GC - LaSalle FILK/GOH-Concert
Sat, 7:00pm GC - Illini B FILK/GOH-Let's Write A Filk Song
Sun, 2:00pm GC - LaSalle FILK/GOH-Let's Share The Stage

With the exception of Pink Tennies and all and the concert at 5 on saturday, everything is with Tom Smith, which should be a ton of fun. The sunday show is with Tom AND Lukeski. It's gonna be ugly folks. (hopefully he will be there in time for the Fannish Drinking Songs panel)

I will also be at opening and closing ceremonies as well as all the song circles for at least a few hours a night. I have to work on my calluses a lot more than I have been the last few weeks. Time for more PRACTICE !!!

I'm so excited.
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