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I'm sure you'l see this elsewhere. It's a cool idea from a bunch of cool people
By now you have probably heard about the upcoming charity album LAUGHTER IS A POWERFUL WEAPON Vol. 2 (FUNNY MUSICIANS FOR A SERIOUS CAUSE) being put together by Grant Baciocco of Throwing Toasters and Jean Prior of Druidsfire Productions.

The disc features recordings by folks such as the Great Luke Ski, the Nick Atoms, Worm Quartet, the Hot Waffles, Barnes & Barnes, Tom Smith, and the Brobdingnagian Bards. All (and we mean *all*) proceeds are going directly to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina via the American Red Cross. The disc is now in the production stage, and it is at this time where the producers ask your help.

Production of the CD will cost approximately $1500. We are beginning to collect the pressing costs for the CD thanks to private donations. What we are in need of now is approximately 30 "angels" who would be willing to donate $50 each towards the pressing costs so that we may move forward. Those who donate $50 will have their name in the "thanks" section of the liner notes and will receive a copy of the benefit CD. All money raised above our $1500 goal will be donated to the charity.

For more information or to donate, please go to or contact Thank you all in advance for your support of the project, as it will definitely help those who need it.
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