July 13th, 2003

The joyful day!

Two sets ???

Well ... the band who were going after me talked loudly during my entire two sets ... but I connected with the audience a few times ... a good time generally ... played a BUNCH of songs ... and learned some things that will come in useful next time ...

Bang My Bald Spot
Product Might Be Hot
The One I Chased Away
Jennie Never Cries (I never do this one ... worked well)
Wilderness Of Smiles
Hey Dad
J's Wild Appalachian Stomp
Golden Age Of Silicon
In Crosby Park
Hand Above The Water
Things You Never Know
Almost Beautiful
Oh Shannon
Trophy Wife
Crank Generation
Low Self Esteem

I had another 5 songs that I was going to do ... but cut into the set list as I went along ...

it was a good night ...
The joyful day!


4 songs .. a. great set .. a fun time ...

In Crosby Park
Golden Age of Silicon

Hides was messy ... but it quieted the place down ... a good set for my last set there for a couple weeks ...

but ... more news in a second
The joyful day!

Dr Demento

Dr Demento is playing Bang My Bald Spot from my new CD next week ... FUNFUNFUN !!!

Here is the email I got


Hi Eric,

Many thanks for the CD.

"Bang My Bald Spot" will be on the Dr Demento Show airing July 19-20,
It is the third song in the show.

For info about stations carrying the show visit

Dr Demento


I'm amazed ...