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Eric's House Of Ego

March 2nd, 2004

March 2nd, 2004
10:32 am


Marscon in Minneapolis
I will be appearing at Marscon this weekend (March 5-7).

Friday night I will be appearing in Dr Demento's Festival Of Dementia (performing Bang My Bald Spot I assume).

I will do a cameo appearance in The Worm Quartet's show saturday afternoon and will be doing my own show at 4:30.

For more info check out the Marscon website at www.marscon.org.

I'll get to hang out with The Great Lukeski (the musical guest of honor) and Tony Goldmark (who will have a new CD out - Rage Against The Mundane ... what I have heard so far is just pound your head on the table funny). Both of them, of course, will do their own shows and are not to be missed.

Much fun is guaranteed.


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