March 21st, 2004

The joyful day!


It was a very odd night last night.

I was invited to a party/jam session at my friend Isaac's house. Much funness up to a point.

Some time ago at Boheme there was this guy. He played covers. He was quite good. BUT. He would talk ... loudly ... during anyone elses set. The entire audience could be silent and listening and he would be talking to someone. Loudly.

So he was there last night. And we were all playing and having a good time. Isaac and I were starting up Hides. And he started up a conversation. Loudly. I stopped and went ballistic on him. Just too much frustration for too long and it was the last straw.

Have some respect for other musicians. For other people. I have been rude here and there in song circles, but I really try to be respectful. This guy has never been as far as I have seen.

I'm looking forward to playing at Boheme tonight. All the other local open mikes were closed this week due to break at ISU.
The joyful day!

A lowkey night

That I really didnt fit into real well.

Anyway, I had decided to play some covers tonight.

I Want To Kill Everybody - Ed Haynes
Marie Provost - Nick Lowe (much to the delight of a young woman who loves this song)
Hey Dad (me)

The audience really wasn't in the mood for such stuff. And Hey Dad dosnt work well at Boheme ever (the references are just too old I think) But I played well. The voice was a little rough.