May 23rd, 2004

The joyful day!

The Weekend

So, I spent yesterday hanging out with my friend Isaac getting his gear hauled down to my studio space so we could work on the new recording of WYSIWYG. We got all setup ... started what was sounding like a pretty good take on it ... and his computer started crashing again ... and didnt get anything done. He was very very bummed, but I had a good time even though we didnt get anything done. I like hanging out with Isaac and the guys who he works with are willing to work on my recordings ...

Went to Boheme and had a weird night

J's Wild Appalachian Stomp
WYSIWYG ... there things went wrong. I broke a string. I never break strings. I knew that I should have changed them a couple of days ago. I should never play with old strings.
So, this guy who goes there lent me his 12 string. Thanks Scott
I Want To Kill Everybody
Bang My Bald Spot

Played well, but that break puts things in a bit of weirdness. Still ... the audience dug it