May 31st, 2004

The joyful day!

Home Again Home Again

And sunday night at Boheme.

Playing a set after a road trip can be a lot of fun since I have already played a lot of guitar during the weekend and am REAL loose.

Low Self Esteem
In Crosby Park (with correct lyrics this time)
I Want To Kill Everybody
The One I Chased Away
WYSIWYG (since I can't seem to leave without playing it now)

Real loose and fun. WYSIWYG especially was a blast, real open and easy.

Oh, I used to talk occasionally about Kristina, a former waitress there. She was there for a little bit last night. Nice to see her.
The joyful day!


Showmecon in St Louis has responded to my request to do a show there, and I will be attending. FUNFUNFUN !!! Just waiting on an answer for one more for the year.