June 13th, 2004

The joyful day!

All weekend

I have had Wookie Weenie by Worm Quartet running though my head ... so I thought I would share ...

When Chewbacca gets a woody, does his thing poke through his hair
Or is he sufficiently upholstered that it still stays tucked in there?
I don't wanna see a Wookiee Weeniee, no there's no doubt of that
But if it's visible at least you know when he's about to mount your cat

The joyful day!

The WYSIWYG groupies strike again

Crank Generation
Trophy Wife
Low Self Esteem

the first two were requests. It was a loud room so I found myself overcompensating and sang myself out a little.

It was a wildly silly set, a good time, but I think I lost the audience.