October 3rd, 2004



So ... it was a laid back night. I was almost totally ignored by the audience and played like it. I did a couple of songs that I didnt know. At least one of them was truly awful ... so ... the set list

Bang My Bald Spot (good laid back version, kind of like the version I did at the open mike last week that I never wrote up)
In Crosby Park (Jumbled a little, but ok)
Almost Beautiful (very nice)
Hand Above The Water (very very nice)
Don't Go Home (great)
Color Of Your Eyes (casual)
The One I Chased Away (Isaac liked it)
The Things You Never Know (I messed up the LAST chorus ... weird)
Yesterday Is Here (Tom Waits)(terrible, I need to lock the chord changes away)
New Dawn Fades (Joy Division) (Great)
Rockaway Beach (The Ramones) (The best I have ever done it)
Pine City Motel Blues (it workd, but I had the lyrics where I could see them)
Hey Dad! (with Isaac, when it was good it was amazing, when it was not so good it was still amazing)

Isaac played a great set, it was a much better night than I thought it would be. We made 16 bucks between us ... not bad for a small audience who mostly ignored us (me more than Isaac though, he was very good)
The joyful day!

Home again home again

Hey Dad!
Color Of Your Eyes
Low Self Esteem

A nice night. I was going to do Pine City but it was too damn dark too see my huge cheat sheet

The audience at Boheme has rolled over again .. so I have a whole new audience to annoy now ... funfunfun