November 16th, 2004

The joyful day!

the AFA's Procter And Gamble boycott

Call Procter and Gamble to say that you support their giving ALL of their employees equal benefits regardless of what a bunch of religious nutjobs may say


I call about once a month and the people who answer the phone are so nice and SO DAMN HAPPY to hear from some non-frothing at the mouth person who likes what they are doing.

Folks on the net have up-ended the AFA before and it needs to be done again. I can post the email I got from the AFA if anyone wishes, but I really don't like having my LJ sullied by such unmitigated crap.

On a similar track ...

There are religious nutjobs wanting creationism taught in schools ...

I think that is a grand idea. I'm all for it ... if ...

There is a law passed requiring the teaching of evolution in church.

Call your congressman.
The joyful day!

The magic is over alymid

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