January 30th, 2005

The joyful day!

It's a punk thang ...

So ... as some of you know, and perhaps some do not, I started my musical ... ahem ... career as a punk. A drummer if you must know.

I have been looking for the Sex Pistols b-sides on CD for years now. I can find one on a comp here, a couple more elsewhere, but never all of them on one CD.

I mean really, these guys only recorded 16 songs as a band (and one was a cover) 12 of them ended up on the LP and the rest as b-sides. It would be easy to reissue them on one CD ... wouldnt it ???

I finally found one ... a comp called Kiss This which includes all the LP tracks, the 4 b-sides and a few other things that showed up on the Who Killed Bambi LP (or at least one version of it, there were several, f**k you very much Mr McLaren, his moronicy and greed also explain why this has been so hard to find) including rehearsal tapes of Steppin Stone and two post Johnny Rotten tracks, including the terrible Sid sung My Way and the pretty good Steve Jones track Silly Thing.

I'm a happy camper ... I'm gonna make a Sex Pistols comp CD tomorrow ... funfunfun
The joyful day!


I have a cold, yer welcome for the info.

I have updated the webpage with a photos page. At some point I will do thumbnails, but as there are only two at the moment (and they are VERY old photos, so go see what a cute young man this furry behemoth used to be) I'm not going to

Ewwwwwww, 70s and 80s hair

Not recommended for folks with heart conditions