February 1st, 2005

The joyful day!

I need pet peeves

Ok. I'm asking everyone here.

I'm working on a new song ... it's about those people ... you know ... the ones who piss you off everyday just by being jerks.

I need examples ... something to fuel my brain here.

I'm not talking about something personal, the way someone laughs. I'm talking (since it's the 1st verse of the song) that gerbil who is driving 45 MPH in the far left lane during rush hour chattering on their cel phone ... things like that ...

The joyful day!

Another Music meme

What was the very first music (album, CD) you ever bought for yourself?

geeze ... Ray Stevens - Gitarzan

What music/artist/band that you once enjoyed/had a crush on is the most embarassing to admit to, nowadays?

See above

What was the first big concert (held in a stadium size concert) you ever went to?
Hmmm, as a fan and not going because of my folks (although I saw some really cool stuff with both of them, but rarely at the same time. let me put it this way, Dad-Stan Kenton, Mom-Peter, Paul & Mary
Elton John on the Yellow Brick Road tour, with Firefall, Steely Dan and Sutherlund Brothers and Quiver

And an amendment for those of us with cool parents: what was the first concert you bought your own tickets for?

pretty much everything I saw in London in 74-75. Jethro Tull, Queen, SAHB and too much more to think of at the moment.