February 15th, 2005

The joyful day!


With the kind help of alymid my new email finally is functional.

I have recieved 80 some board messages, a bunch of test messages (finally) and 3 bank scam emails.

I feel fulfilled as a geek
The joyful day!

Hmmm ...

I just hit over a 100 people who read my babblings. I know that a few are defunct LJs, but I am going to count them anyway ... it's a 101 dammit

I have people other than myself who list me as an interest. I did it as a joke ... maybe the others are too ...

I had a great weekend which I PROMISE I am working on comments for right now ... cept when I am typing this

I have real email that I can actually use now, not AOhelL, which blocks various friends of mine.

I'm playing a show in my own town this weekend. More on that later.

Things are good ... weird ... I'm never going to be able to write any songs now ...
The joyful day!

Feb 18th

I am playing at

The Jaded Angel II (it's a tattoo place)

this friday night. This is sort of the first go around of the Ames Songwriters Collective (or whatever name we decide upon)

4 songwriters, 3 hours or thereabouts.

I believe things start at 9, but double check my show page on the new website

Campbell DeSousa
Keith Rollins
Isaac Norman & Trief Henze
Eric Coleman

I honestly can't put a name with the first two, but if the first guy is who I think he is, he does really cool pop stuff and is one of my favorite local songwriters. Isaac is good friend and setup the show. He and Trief do some really cool atmospheric, sultry, bluesy songs. I know I know Keith, but can't put a face to the name.