February 22nd, 2005

The joyful day!

Some musical comments

Ok, I find this deeply funny.

Both polyfrog and I had the exact same reaction to hearing The Duhks on NPR yesterday. That reaction was


It's great.

I have been making CDs for my car folder this week. So far I've made mix CDs of

Santana (from the 3 CDs by the original band)- I am continually amazed that one of my favorite vocalists (Gregg Rolie) went on to form a band with one of my least favorite vocalists (the egregious Steve Perry) and as far as I know never really sang again. Sad. His voice was just SO smooth. So many folks think that Carlos was the singer, but so much of the band was Gregg's voice and keyboards. Carlos has always said that the core of the band was he and Gregg. Amazing stuff.

Nick Lowe - I bought the box set The Doings, which is missing a few tracks I would have wanted on my mix, but it's still amazing.

PDQ Bach - also from a box set, the problem was getting it down to one CD.

I also bought a larger CD sleeve for the car. It now takes up the entire front seat. Good thing that the Squirrel has to sit in the back.

Oh, and all the new CDs are printed on by my new printer. They look SO cool.
The joyful day!

I haven't updated this in awhile

Like I mentioned moments ago, I make mix CDs for my car. This is what is in my CD sleeve at the moment.

The Alarm • Alice Cooper • The Atomic Fireballs • PDQ Bach • Barenaked Ladies • Bauhaus • Be Bop Deluxe • Beat Farmers • Big Country • Black 47 • Boomtown Rats (from LP) • Billy Bragg • Brother Trucker • Greg Brown • Buzzcocks • The Call • Mary Chapin Carpenter • The Chameleons • Cheap Trick • The Church Vol 1 • The Church Vol 2 • The Clash • The Coasters • Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Live • Counting Crows • The Cramps • Creedence Clearwater Revival • Nick Drake • Steve Earle • Eleventh Dream Day • The Embarrassment • The Fabulous Poodles (From LP) • Fishbone • John Foxx • Robbie Fulks • Peter Gabriel • Generation X • Genesis • Genesis Live • Dr Gonzo - Road Comic • Robyn Hitchcock • The Hollowmen • The Reverend Horton Heat • The Joe Jackson Band • The Jam • Jethro Tull • Spike Jones • Joy Division • Paul K • Tonio K • Kansas • Sam Kinison - Louder Than Hell • Sam Kinison - Have You Seen Me Lately • Victor Krummenacher • Nick Lowe • Lyle Lovett • Bob Marley (2 CDs on one) • James McMurtry • James McMurtry - On Live Set • Me First And The Gimme Gimmes • John Mellencamp • Midnight Oil • Dennis Miller • Mott The Hoople • Morphine • Passion Fodder • The Psychedelic Furs • Queen • REM • Stan Ridgway • The Tom Robinson Band • Roxy Music • Santana • Scruffy The Cat • Sector 27 • The Sensational Alex Harvey Band • Sex Pistols • The Silencers • Simon & Garfunkel • Simon & Garfunkel Live At The Hollywood Bowl • Sparks • The Squirrels • Stairways To Heaven • Standup Mix #1 (Martin Mull,Amos Ewing,George Carlin,John McGivern,Stephanie Hodge,Bobcat) • The Stranglers • The Streetwalkers • The Sun & The Moon (complete) • Talk Talk • Richard Thompson • Richard Thompson - Live @ Navy Pier • Timbuk 3 • The Toasters • Translator • Ultravox • Tom Waits • War Live • Robin Williams - Live At The Met (HBO Version) • Wire Train • Worm Quartet • Weird Al Yankovic • The Young Fresh Fellows

I'll give a winky button to anyone who can honestly say they have heard everyone on this (and good luck, a couple are local bands)
The joyful day!

For tesselene mostly

The subject of music trivia has come up lately. Here is a trivia quiz that I posted some time ago. It has 84 possible points. I think that the average correct score is something like 22. It wouldn't be that high except a couple folks got nearly everything right.

Eric's very nasty music trivia page

oh ... and ... email me at eric at eric dash coleman.com if you want to send answers

And for some reason LJ wants to see that link as an ftp link. It does this sometimes and I don't know why, it will still get you there.