March 16th, 2005

The joyful day!

So I've been thinking

Which is always a bad thing for everyone involved.

I have pretty much settled on the name for the next CD. I Had To Suffer For My Art, Now It's Your Turn seems to be the audience favorite. It's an old joke, but so am I.

I am still thinking about the covers CD. I think I have the perfect name for it.

I was out with the wife indulging in her favorite drug ... Karoake.

I did some Bowie, some Psychedelic Furs. And friend said "well you certainly pulled those out of your book of weird".

So, if I finally get around to recording the covers CD, it will be called

Eric's Book Of Weird.
The joyful day!

Why I Love Spam

Posses the new drags you needed, now xaanax! elsinore
We always look to make you, as one of out appreciated costummers,
as happy as we can. Thus, after brainstorming about what we have
to do and how to do in on the best side, we decided to give a
special 1-week prommo, in which you can get cheep xaanax drags
at our store.

The only problem ... I ran lights for that drag show, I didn't design the outfits.
The joyful day!

A typical day for me

I have gone from listening to

Steve Goodman (I need more, got the Anthology last night)
James McMurtry (I need to get a couple of his songs to the folks at Riverfolk)
The Benny Goodman Orchestra (the complete 38 Carnegie Hall Concert)

And now ... The Sex Pistols

Is it any wonder why the wife didn't want me to get a CD changer?

(and a winky button to anyone who gets the song reference in that last sentence, Tony Fletcher is disqualified)