March 29th, 2005

The joyful day!

About Last Night

I went to the Funny Bone open mike last night. There were 19 comics signed up so we all got 5 minutes.

I did Crank Generation complete with patter and stops and starts and got a lot of laughs. I ended up running just under 4 minutes (I think) and the amazed MC had to come running from the other room.

I might have been able to get away with another song, but I didn't want to run over, it being my first time there.

All in all a good evening.
The joyful day!

Toys !!!

The new mikes got here.

I would have liked to go up a price point or so but I got what I could afford.

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I also got a pop screen and a couple of decent cords.

So ... gonna work with them some this weekend and see if I can get some scratch tracks done.


I also got a little Behringer mixer for home stuff. I am slowly converting a lot of tapes and LPs to CD and this means that I can leave the main board down here and not worry about it.

So ... how is your day ???