April 3rd, 2005

The joyful day!

So ... I'm annoyed

I'm down here at the warehouse to work on some scratch tracks for the next CD. I have everything setup, and I am about to look through the manuals to see what I need to do with the new mikes.

The heat is running all the time. It has never done this on the weekend before. So there is this constant background roar that is going to ruin all these tracks. I don't know what I am going to do. I need a quiet room to do this.
The joyful day!

So ...

Initial response to my first track recorded with the new mikes

MAN they sound a lot better than my old mikes ... although the vocal mike picks up EVERYTHING ... but, it means I am getting a neat little bit of reverb from the wall in front of me ...

And ... who is this guitar player on this ??? he's a lot better than I am ...
The joyful day!

So ...

5 songs in very basic form, none of them usuable in any way whatsoever. But being able to listen to them today has really helped.

Pine City Motel Blues is WAY too fast ... as is true with a lot of the songs.

They'll get there
The joyful day!

Too darn fast

So, I was talking earlier about doing songs too fast, so what did I do tonight.

I played almost everything too fast

Standards - the best of the lot, only a little too fast
Hey Dad - Just about right
How Can I Miss You ??? - TOO fast
Bang My Bald Spot - manic

still, got a great response from the audience.

Now I'm too wired to sleep