April 10th, 2005

The joyful day!

Thanks to starstraf

I want to thank Thanks to starstraf for this week's Foreman Award contestants. It's rare that there are so many candidates in one story.

The Devil's Right Hand

I see three possible winners here.

The grandfather for not reporting his gun stolen.
The boy, for trying to trade a gun for an X-Box, after having traded another game system.
The School System, for kicking the boy out because he COULD have brought the gun to school.
The joyful day!

Ok ... now that I am awake

I headed off to record just before noon. I got the remainder of the stuff set up and waited for Isaac to show up. In the meantime I ran into my friend Snow (who has posted occasionally here, he needs to get an LJ account) and J, who cleans on the weekend. Geeze, this place is CLOSED on the weekend and everyone is there.

I got thing setup and Isaac and I fiddled for awhile trying to work out why the mikes wouldn't work.

I hadn't turned on the phantom power. Yeah I'm a professional.

We headed off to the local big barn home improvement place while J finished off so I could get a small screwdriver set for my gear bag (so I can change batteries easily on the DI) and nuts and bolts and washers to put the rack gear into the rack I am getting tomorrow. FUNFUNFUN

We fiddled with mike placement. Well, Isaac fiddled with mike placement, I just made things difficult because I kept moving.

He called the song we were going to work on. He had liked Need but agreed with me that the way I was playing it was just too frantic. I had a change in my head but I hadn't worked it out yet. I played a bit and we both came up at the same time that it really needed to be fingerpicked. I'm REALLY pleased with the new version. It is very sparse, has a great deal of space in it and with the settings Isaac came up with for the midiverb it has a REALLY cool sound.

Snow came back and we chattered with him a bit. He got to hear the track and agreed that it sounded cool.

We recorded In Crosby Park. I am still uncertain on the new middle section, but I am going to work with it today.

Then I headed off to meet with some old friends

The joyful day!

Meet the new punks ... not quite the same as the old punks

There is a reunion of a bunch of old friends coming up the end of May. It's the same weekend as Conquest(which still bums me out, I had a blast at Conquest last year, I WILL be back next year)

For the reunion at least one band is getting back together.

In the early 80s ATOY were one of the best bands around. Sort of a cross between Bauhaus and Joy Division with a strong Iggy streak.

I was always a combination of their strongest critic and their biggest fan so I got to attend a little of the rehearsal they were having yesterday.

They sounded great. There are problems, but this was their 2nd rehearsal. They will be getting together a few more times in the next month and a half and I can't imagine that they will sound anything other than great.

After, a bunch of us sat out back and jabbered at each other. This went on for some hours as we headed to my friend Brad's apartment, then to another friends apartment to force him into going out with us (it didn't take much forcing) and then to a pizza place for food and more jabbering.

It was so cool to hang out with old friends. Mark, the bass player, and I are finding that our lives have been very similar and that we travel in much of the same sort of odd circle of friends. If the Milwaukee house concert happens this year I hope to introduce him to a lot of my other friends. He might even come down to the CD release party (whenever that is going to be) in Waukegan.

I had to leave early to deal with the small mutants, but it was a wonderful evening.

I'm designing a cover for the release of a CD of ATOY's final show. I'm even ripping the tape to CD for them. It's gonna be cool to hear all this stuff again after so long. I don't have a copy of a lot of the later songs. They did a demo release of 12 songs but they wrote a lot more before they finally split up in 84.
The joyful day!

Open wide

There were a lot of folks playing tonight, so it was a short set

Home Again - the best version ever. Period
Standards - NOT the best version ever ... lyric roulette
Trophy Wife - A request from someone who had just bought the CD.

It was a pretty good set.

There was a LOT of talent there tonight though. This kid who I will call S is an amazing songwriter. Very quiet breathy alt-pop stuff. somewhere between Nick Drake and Elliot Smith. Stunningly lovely songs.

A guy around my age who hadnt been there in ages. He was there tonight with a fiddle player.

This guy who I have seen there for ages now, but never heard play before. Very Roy Harper-esque sort of song writing

A really good night of music, I wanted to stay later, but ... work tomorrow ... grumble