May 21st, 2005

The joyful day!

Poetry Night

My friend C took me to a party last night. The idea is everyone brings something to read. I, of course, took my guitar.

The night was marvelous. There are too many to really mention at this point (and at this level of burnout) but there was not one moment where it was not wildly entertaining at the very least. It was a great evening, and the sort of evening that I could never have at home. Sigh.

I played three songs
Hides - the short version, since I did it early and didnt want to do a 6-8 minute song
How Can I Miss You? - everyone sang along
Color Of Your Eyes - in which I said that there were part of this song that were about someone in the room, but wouldn't say who (C was the only person I knew there)

Handed out a lot of my new business card, had a lot of inquiries about gigs in the area, to which my reply was I have no gigs in the area.

It is very possible that C might host a house concert when the CD comes out. I would love to play here outside of the constraints of a con. We'll see.

I'm heading out soon to go meet up with ATOY and give them their discs. Then back here to sleep, I am kinda sick, but doing ok. Then off to see Riverfolk tonight. Hope to see some of you there.