June 18th, 2005

The joyful day!

Back recording

part one ...

Did Hey Dad (including the new 90s verse) and How Can I Miss You

Hey Dad is almost 5 minutes long ... I didnt expect that. How Can I Miss You is just about 3. That's good for reasons I will tell you about later.

I am doing all this quick and dirty with a mike on the voice and the guitar going direct. I don't think I will get anything I will use on the CD, but I am looking for inspiration at the moment. I should have demos for everything by the end of the afternoon.

More as I do more ... I need tape to put lyric sheets up on the wall so I don't forget anything.
The joyful day!

Moving along

Another few songs done.

Pine City Motel Blues, in a version I think I can stand for folks to hear
Need - in two different keys even
Wilderness of Smiles - I didnt like the middle section, but it will get worked out.
The joyful day!

and a couple more

In Crosby Park (a nice relaxed version as compared to the more intense that I had recorded a month ago) and The Woman I Want as well as Jordan Cochrane

Things are going well. I should have a good workable demo of all songs done shortly. I haven't made any blatant mistakes that I have heard, but I will burn this all to CD to see how it sounds away from playing.

A good day ... weird
The joyful day!


Demoes are done ... I think that there are a couple of tracks that are real good and some that are pretty good, but nothing that is terrible. I'm burning to my harddrive now so I should have some new things up on the audiostreet site this week. I need to go look at the poll again.

And that means I will be mailing out CDs to the folks who are playing on the CD as well ...

things march along.