July 4th, 2005

The joyful day!

So ... comments on the music

More or less in order, since I pulled the list from the website so I didn't forget anything

They were delightful as usual. And I got the CD finally (yeah, it's been out two weeks) and it is wonderful. More on that later

The Great Luke Ski
I love the new songs (and it's great to hear new songs) and Carrie was wonderful. I am hoping though that the one mike thing was necessity not choice. It would be a much better show (and it was a great one) if you could both move around.

3 Pints Gone
With an expanded lineup even. With three people they sound like a dozen, with 5 they sound like an army. A great show

Adam Stemple & Elizabeth Hall
I became a fan of Adam's incindiary guitar playing last year, his solo CD was my fave thing I picked up through my journeys. Elizabeth is amazing. A gorgeous voice and a wicked sense of humor (that well matches Adam's) made for a blast of a show.

David Perry
a killer version of Dire Straights Tunnel Of Love

The find of the weekend for me. Bangladeshi/Hindustani/space rock/fusion. Amazing stuff.

The Nick Atoms
You guys just get better and better and tighter and tighter every time I see you. As ShoEboX might say ... you rocked like a rocking thing that rocks. Wyngarde talked to me briefly about the what would you like to do with me meme and I have some ideas too ... we'll talk after I get the next CD done

You guys have come so far. Your harmonies are amazing, your playing is great, your song choice is wonderful. I am really looking forward to seeing more of you. It was a great way to end the weekend and I am so glad I stayed.
The joyful day!

But wait, there's more

So, a bit more on hanging out and playing with Andy

We went to dinner at Good Earth saturday night. Oh man I needed something other than road and con food by that point.

We chattered about music and art and life and playing and whatever. It was great.

As for the show, he, as usual, berated me for not knowing what key my songs are in (I'll work that out, I promise). But expected it. Made at least one terrible joke solely for my benefit (even with the vocal mike) and played beautifully (when I didn't confuse him ... and me)

The entire set was great, but highlights to me were How Can I Miss You, between his playing and the audience singing it was the best that song had ever been. Color Of Your Eyes. I may have to record this a third time just to have his playing on it, maybe a live set sometime.

And of course ... Hides. There will never be a time when we play together that we will not do Hides. It was perfect.