July 26th, 2005

The joyful day!

I should talk about this

Since it's this weekend.

I am at Demicon in Des Moines.

Friday Night at 9 (I think, check your program) I am onstage with Sass, that being the wonderful duo of Susan Urban and Sandy Andina. We have a 2 hour slot and have not discussed exactly what we are doing with it yet. It may be the three of us standing up there and cracking ourselves up, or we may do two shows, theirs and mine. Either way it will be fun.

The following weekend I am in Mahtowa MN for the Highway 61 Folks Festival. I am in the songwriting contest on saturday and hosting the open mike on sunday. My friend Isaac is going as well and we are working on some songs to do together tonight.

It is, as always, the best day of music I see all year. Come on up.