August 8th, 2005

The joyful day!

Just a quick note

Mahtowa was a blast, I will have a complete writeup shortly.

In my email this morning was the following message

In what is either a transmogrifying karmic occurrence or a stupefying cosmic joke, I stumbled upon your website while Googling Eric Coleman, a free agent rookie for the Minnesota Vikings. I'm intrigued enough to fork over $12 for a CD. Is this the e-mail I should use for a Paypal payment?

Kinda cool ...
The joyful day!

Catching up

I was away from a computer on saturday, so this is a little late

Blossom And Blood - Midnight Oil

by Hirst/Moginie
You the mothers who sent your sons
Wipe away your tears
For those who fought and those who fell
Become our sons as well.

You the warriors with your words
Throw away your spears
You talk of times of peace for all
And then prepare for war.
All the people with dreams, all mothers with sons
All people with dreams never woken at night by the sound of guns.
Like a child that's born on a moonless night
Like a child that's born, we parachute down to an unknown fight.

This city of blossom and blood
This city suffered more than it should
These sidewalk silhouettes not washed away, not washed away.

Whatever you've done, whatever you've done, whatever you've done.

There's a hope in the heart says never again.
Whatever you say, whatever you say, whatever you say
It's the price of peace to remember that day.