August 17th, 2005

The joyful day!

a couple of updates and a question

I have had such a busy time lately that I have been lax in my duties.

I will get back to doing the Foreman Awards soon, but other things have gotten in the way.

I have decided that the CD will be out whenever it is out. I have been obsessing to the point where I am getting nothing done on it and that I am getting done is not all that good. I need to relax and let it happen. That said, has anyone dl'ed the demos on and if so what do you think of the couple of songs that you probably hadn't heard before? Honestly at this time I don't expect the CD to be done this year.

I might have a standup comedy gig this weekend, but that is looking like that has fallen through as well, just as well, I'm pretty burned out still from two weekends in a row of little sleep and much music. I'll probably go see Charlie Parr instead.

I will be hanging out at the DMSFS constitutional convention Labor Day weekend and definitely playing a bunch of music too. It should be fun, camping out on a farm just north of here and jabbering and playing music and watching movies and whatever. I highly recommend it.

I know there is something else but I can't think of it at the moment.