October 5th, 2005

The joyful day!

This is wrong ... you might want to look away

I was back in the warehouse doing a more mind numbing part of my job. I have to do this every day and generally to get through it I let my mind wander. I sing odd songs to myself (and a couple of songs have been written during this time), I free associate and just generally let my mind go places that ... well ... minds shouldn't go ...

In a comment to a comment in an earlier post, I wrote a little stanza about pants. Just a quick little one joke thing. This made me then free associate, as I was thinking about expanding this little stanza that ... it was a short little one joke thing as Tom Smith might want to do. So this phrase happened ...Tom Smith is rubbing off on me ... which led to ... Smith / Coleman

My advice, don't think about this anymore, it wouldn't be a happy place for anyone.

You're welcome for the visual ...