October 18th, 2005

The joyful day!

My Windycon Schedule

Of course like all con schedules, this could change

Friday 5:00: Narita A: We’re Friends: We’ve Never Met: In the beginning was the letter column. Then came APAs and ‘zines. The latest version of meeting friends over a distance include Usenet and ‘blogs.
Coleman, Cozort, Mason, Stockman

Friday 6:00: Michigan: Radio to Book to Stage to Record to TV to Computer Game to Screen: In 1978, Douglas Adams created “The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” It became the most successful science fiction radio show ever, garnering a Hugo nomination and spinning off into just about every possible medium. What is its history and continued appeal? Which versions stand up better than others?
Coleman, A. Eisenstein, Gilliam, Pollotta

Saturday 2:00 Narita A: Alternative Windycon: The Marx Brothers:
Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, Gummo, and Groucho have provided hours and hours of laughter to their fellow man.
Coleman, Nye, S. Silver, Darrow, Ski

Saturday 3:00 Grand Foyer South: Concert: Eric Coleman

Sunday Noon: Michigan: Alternative Windycon: The Media and Disaster Coverage: Over the last five years, the media has had to cover numerous disasters, from the planned mayhem of the September 11 attacks to the more recent natural calamity of Hurricane Katrina. How well does the media handle this most important task and in what ways could they improve?
Coleman, Martindale, Zeldes
The joyful day!

Trivia Time

I'm listening to a bunch of Weird Al.

The song "I was only kidding" is one of the most obscure (and belated) parodies I have heard him do.

So, for a fabulous prize, that song is a parody of ...

What Artist -
What Song -
What Record -

For an extra point, what other Weird Al song is an homage to this same artist?

The first complete answer wins ... well ... something, I don't know what yet
(the original artist is in my interests)