October 20th, 2005

The joyful day!

A quote

"Is it going to become a vehicle for global taxation of domain names? Are you going to allow folks who have demonstrated a pattern of suppression of content, are they going to be put in charge of running this thing?" said Minnesota Republican Sen. Norm Coleman

You know, people who have demonstrated a pattern of suppression of content, like Republican Senator Norm Coleman (a disgrace to the disgraceful name of Coleman)

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The joyful day!

One down

The November 18th show at The Jaded Angel has been rescheduled to the 11th, when I am in Chicago. So I will not be appearing at that show.

I'm not sure who else is playing that night, but the guy who is running things was asking me who I would recommend.

Oh well, it would have been nice to do my yearly actual show in my own town.

Maybe next year.
The joyful day!

Comedy Comedy Comedy Comedy

I went to the Billy Joe's standup comedy open mike. Did three songs.

Only Coffee House In Town (went wonderfully, the audience laughed a lot)
Low Self Esteem (to promo the benefit CD)
Nice Guys (not a laugh at all, bummer)

It was a good time. The last guy was the most glorious train wreck I have ever seen. I've seen worse train wrecks in standup, but never a more glorious one.

More later, now I am going to bed.