November 8th, 2005

The joyful day!


So, music and such at Windy looks like it is going to be very very good (with one glaring exception, some guy from Iowa who has nothing to do with SF ... geeze Eric, let it go)

Tom Smith
Art Warneke (and I am on a panel during his show ... dammit)
Mark Osier (who I have never seen)
Samuel T Clemmons (who I have interviewed, but have never seen do an entire show)
Luke Ski (who I seem to remember seeing somewhere)
Erica Neely (sunday at 2, which means I don't hit the road till after 3)

And of course the Filk GOHs Nate and Louie Bucklin ... who you don't want to miss
The joyful day!


I am on an RSS feed about fake banks on the net. I like to go check out the websites just to see how good or bad they are. This is the funniest so far. From their front page at

VIRGIN INTERNATIONAL TRUST is a finance and security firm registered by the RVA Dutch council for Accreditation. we have been registered since in Netherlands since 1992 precisely in March. It was registered to carry on the Business of securities in the country on a large scale . We started full operations in this line of business on the 17 of April 1993at its present head office in Netherlands. we have been handling finances for insurance bodies, financial fiduciaries, trust funds, lottery sweepstakes, beneficiary claims and scholarship funds. With all our policies regulated by the laws of the Netherlands, we have over the years, been able to satisfy our humble number of clientele. All payments are duly guaranteed and we are poised to ensure customer satisfaction.

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