November 26th, 2005

The joyful day!

What do you think ???

I am down at the studio today. I have two choices on what I can work on. What do you all think. If I work on the covers EP there is a very good chance that I will have it done before the end of the year, which means a new CD at Capricon. If I start on the new full length CD, it will be demoes to send out to the folks I want to work on it, some of which might end up on the net, some of which might end up on the CD. So ... opinions ???

Poll #620427 What should I do today ???

What should I do today ???

Work on the covers EP
Work on scratch tracks for the new CD
Do a little of both
Say to hell with it and go hang out at the guitar store all afternoon
The joyful day!

Thanks for your friggin support

As of 2 pm three of the five of you who have responded to the poll say blow it off and go hang out at the guitar store.

I know r_and_s_jeff's reasoning ... it's fear ... pure fear ... you are afraid I can tell ...

That said ...

I just did two takes on Roman Wall Blues (Auden/Harvey).

The first one the guitar had no presence and I wasn't sure why. Looking at the preamp after I found that the vocal mike had a hotter mix. I pumped up the guitar for the second take.

This is the first time I have used the Martin with the new mikes. Things sound VERY promising.
The joyful day!

And finally ...

Takes on Halley Came To Jackson and I Want To Kill Everybody.

I'm going to burn these to CD monday, then see what needs to be changed. Then back in next weekend for seperate takes on voice and guitar.

More fun ...
The joyful day!

Anyone know this one ???

80s band ... maybe early 90s but probably 80s

The video had monkeys (probably the band in monkey masks) playing drums ...

any ideas ???

Cryn tossed this by me ... and I can't get it in my head